What's Prontyville

Welcome to Prontyville - Where Life's Lessons Unfold

Inspired by the boundless curiosity and growth of our own children, we embarked on a journey that transcends parenting - a journey into the heart of intentional living. It all started with the simple joys of raising two remarkable kids and observing the profound impact of foundational lessons.

Our Origin Story: As parents, we've experienced the unparalleled joy of witnessing our children apply lessons they've learned. It's a magical moment that sparked the birth of Prontyville. Seeing the positive effects of intentional parenting, we felt compelled to share these transformative lessons with families everywhere.

The Essence of Our Mission: At the core of Prontyville is a deep-seated passion for intentional parenting oppose to "old school" or "gentle parenting". We meticulously consider the cause and effects of every lesson we impart. Our driving force is the genuine happiness that comes from seeing children grasp these lessons and apply them independently.

Foundational Lessons for a Lifetime: We firmly believe that the lessons we teach in childhood have a lasting impact, not only for kids but for adults as well. By instilling these foundational principles early on, we aim to equip young minds with the tools to navigate life with resilience and wisdom. It's a philosophy that transcends age, making the journey of growth and learning a lifelong adventure.

The Ripple Effect: Every time we connect with a parent who has embraced Prontyville, and they share the moments when their child truly understood and applied a rule, our hearts swell with joy. It's a testament to the power of intentional parenting and the universal applicability of these timeless lessons.